Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Study Week #3 Assignment

Successfully MidAir Book Study
Week #3

From Tool #1: Where are you wearing blinders in your life? And are you WILLING to “widen” your field of vision, even if it’s only a tiny bit?

From Tool #2:  In any given situation (both the good-feeling ones AND the painful-feeling ones) NOTICE what you are DOING with your six mental faculties: Imagination, Perception, Memory, Intuition, Will, and Reason. Are you purposely directing them? Are you “leading the team”? Or are you unwilling to direct them, which means that they “run away with you” by default?

Pay attention. What are you doing RIGHT NOW with each faculty? Is the way you’re using it RIGHT NOW going to move you in the direction of your Dream? Or is it going to take you off course?

This week’s reading: Chapters 9, 10, and 18.

Remember as you read, to place yourself in the “I” position.

How are YOU dealing with YOUR monsters?

And are you willing to SEE the Grand Opportunity that your own personal Goliath is Gifting to you?

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