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It is my honor and my privilege to announce that Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best selling "Conversations With God" series of books, has read the Successfully MidAir manuscript and given it a beautiful endorsement. Here's what he says about it:

"It's been often said that things would be a lot easier if Life came with an Instruction Manual. Well, now it does. This remarkable book by Rev. Sandra Daly is exactly that, filled with wonderful insights, great advice, and terrific tools for moving through your days and nights with greater clarity, less stress, more accomplishment and deeper satisfaction than you might ever have thought possible. A way to the life of your dreams might just be between these two covers. Check. It. Out."

--- Neale Donald Walsch


Here's a link to a BEAUTIFUL review by Lisa McCormack on Neale's "Global Conversations" web site. Find it right here.  [Please note: Lisa's review states that Successfully MidAir is being made available for free, and that was true at the time her review was written. In fact it was available online for free for a total of 16 months before I decided to publish it in a "real" book format.]

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  1. I just finished Mid-Air and I loved it. It is chock full of well thought out tools and personal experiences from the author's life. She is truly a beautiful person who is clearly interested in others finding their own mid-air experience. It has really helped my partner and myself get on the road to our own spiritual paths. Plus, she has made herself available to me on several occasions. In effect, she really means what she says, Thx Rev and God Bless.


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